I made this maintenance schedule for my own use and then thought it might be helpful to others as well. I hope you can use it! Please feel free to download it at the link below.

This free pdf maintenance log covers the general highlights of vehicle maintenance. (Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations.)

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule PDF

Keep this log in your glove compartment to help keep track of regular maintenance!

Also, don’t forget these “Next Maintenace Due” stickers for your windshield reminding you when to next change your oil.

Here is a sample of what the file looks like. Make as many copies as you need, one for every car!


Vehicle Maintenance Schedule PDF

For a great maintenance schedule specifically for the 9th Generation Toyota Corolla (2003-2008), with lots of details, check out this post on Toyota Nation.

For how-to’s with pictures on how to perform regular maintenance, check out some of these guides:

Toyota Corolla Maintenance Articles:

Honda Accord Maintenance Articles:

Hey, thanks for reading! If this was helpful for you, please let me know in the comments section below!