Modern Cars are incredibly easy to steer. The days of breaking a sweat in order to maneuver your vehicle are long gone. The reason? Power steering. Keep your power steering working consistently by performing regular maintenance and checking it every 5,000 miles. Running the vehicle with low power steering fluid can damage the pump and require expensive repairs.

Some of the indications that you may be low on power steering fluid include a creaking, whining, or groaning noise when turning (not to be confused with the squeak or whine, which can also indicate a loose power steering belt), or difficulty turning the steering wheel.

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It is also a good idea to replace your power steering fluid completely every 100,000 miles or so. This is the recommended Honda power steering fluid that I both use and recommend.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

Steps for Checking Power Steering Fluid

Pop the hood and locate the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir. In this 2004 Honda Accord, it is located on the far left near the windshield washer fluid.

Engine bay of a 2004 Honda Accord

The reservoir with the red cap is the one you are looking for. One the side of it you will see a minimum and maximum fill line. Use a rag or your finger to clean off some of the grime. Make sure the fluid level is between the lines. Like shown below.

Power Steering Fluid reservoir location

If the level is hard to tell, rock the vehicle back and forth a little bit to try to distinguish the fluid level.

If the reservoir has a crack or a leak, replace it with a new one.

If the fluid is low, like in the case below, remove the red cap.

Cap Removed

Get your power steering fluid and a funnel (if available).


If you don’t have a funnel, try to carefully aim and add power steering fluid without spilling on the side of the reservoir. Wipe up any spills with a rag.


When the fluid level reaches the maximum line. Stop filling.


Replace the fill cap.


That’s about it.

Steps for Replacing Power Steering Fluid

If you have gone over 100,000 miles with the same fluid, it is probably a good idea to replace the fluid. You can do a complete drain and fill, or you can do it the easier way.

The easy way is to open your power steering reservoir and suck out as much fluid as you can with a turkey baster or syringe. Then refill with fresh fluid up to the fill line, as shown above. Drive the vehicle for about 50-100 miles, then repeat. Do this about 3-4 times and you will have diluted the fluid enough that it is primarily fresh fluid. The full system takes about 2.5 to 3 quarts of fluid.

Get some Honda power steering fluid now so that you have some on-hand the next time you need to perform this basic maintenance task.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

Thanks for reading, and I hope this was helpful!

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