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How to Make Maple Syrup!

Filtered maple syrup

Crystal Clear Maple Syrup!

Hi, I’m Richard Tomlinsen! One of my passions is harvesting and making Delicious Maple Syrup!

Making Maple Syrup is a great family activity to engage in as soon as Winter starts to come to an end and Spring begins to emerge! 

It’s not complicated and is loads of fun!

Listen to the Making Maple Syrup Song: Hard Maplin’

Hard Maplin’ (Making Maple Syrup Song) by Richard Tomlinsen

Where to Start?

Check out my free Making-Maple-Syrup-Quick-Guide-PDF “Cheat Sheet” to make harvesting and boiling maple syrup easy!

Maple Syrup Making Cheat Sheet from!
Easy Quick-Start Guide for how to make Delicious Maple Syrup!

What Equipment do I Need?

Check out the Maple Syrup Resources Page for a list of free eBooks and other resources related to making Delicious Maple Syrup!

Making Maple Syrup is Fun and Easy!

These are the 5 steps in Making Maple Syrup:

  1. Identify a Maple Tree and start tapping when the temperature is above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night
  2. Drill a small hole in the tree and tap in a spile; the tree will start dripping sap immediately!
  3. Once you have collected enough sap, boil 5-gallons at a time over a wood fire or propane burner
  4. Stop boiling when the sap reaches 219°F.
  5. Bottle the delicious Maple Syrup while still hot and seal with canning lids or caps!

Click the Pictures below for Detailed Articles on each step (Just getting started? Start from left to right!):

From the blog

Get Your Maple Syrup T-Shirt!

Click the links below to view our Maple Syrup T-shirts on!

Additional Articles in this Series on Maple Syrup Making!

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How to Make Crystal Clear Maple Syrup (Rebroadcast) How to Make Maple Syrup!

Does your Maple Syrup have a bunch of crude settled on the bottom of the jar? Do you hesitate to give away or sell your syrup because it doesn’t ‘look good enough’? Do friends and family ask you if it is safe to eat because there looks like mold on the bottom of your Maple Syrup jars? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the episode for you! In this 10th installment of the “How to Make Maple Syrup Podcast,” we go into a very detailed explanation about where “Niter” comes from and what it is composed of. We walk through the filtering steps that allow you to achieve crystal clear Delicious Maple Syrup that you can be proud to display! We end the conversation by talking about the most common mistake made when filtering that leads to sugar-sand still appearing in the bottom of Maple Syrup jars, even though the syrup was filtered multiple times! I may earn commissions for purchases made through the links in these show notes. Links such as these help podcasters like me to fund the free content we provide in our podcasts. For links to purchase the refractometer, mesh filters, and synthetic filter we talk about in this episode, go to: Non-woven mesh Filters: Synthetic Maple Syrup Filter: Maple Syrup Refractometer: Filter Holder Wire: Maple Syrup Canning Bottles: Candy Thermometer: For links to a free eBook and other Maple Syrup Resources, check out: Want to get started making your own Delicious Maple Syrup? Click here to get started and download the "How to Make Maple Syrup – Cheat Sheet"! Thanks for Listening to the: How to Make Maple Syrup Podcast Episode 010 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Author: Richard Tomlinsen How to Make Maple Syrup Podcast! — Send in a voice message:
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Boiling Maple Sap to Make Maple Syrup

Happy Boiling!