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Maple Syrup Resources

Boiling Maple Syrup

Boiling Maple Syrup

Here is a list of resources and links that I use for making Delicious Maple Syrup. I hope you find this helpful.

When you purchase items through links on this page, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It allows me keep banner ads off of this website and pay the hosting fees, thank you!

Equipment for Making Maple Syrup

Below are links to the products and equipment I use and recommend for making Maple Syrup. Click the pictures for purchasing information, current prices and more details.

Free Resources and eBooks

I’ve compiled this list of free resources related to making Maple Syrup available from around the web.

  • North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual (PDF)
    • eBook, 2nd Edition
    • Ohio State University and The North American Maple Syrup Council
    • 349 pages
    • Very detailed and comprehensive Guide covering the History of Maple Syrup in North America, Maple Tree Varieties, Production Methods, Marketing, Selling and Maple Syrup.

Additional Articles in this Series on Maple Syrup Making!

These are the links to the other articles in this series:

Free Podcast – How to Make Maple Syrup!

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Introducing the "How to Make Maple Syrup" Podcast! (Rebroadcast) How to Make Maple Syrup!

Welcome to the "How to Make Maple Syrup Podcast"! My name is Richard Tomlinsen, and in this series, I am going to walk through, in detail, the super easy steps to follow to make your own delicious Maple Syrup! Download the FREE – How to Make Maple Syrup Cheat Sheet found here: In this episode, I want to introduce myself to you, as well as my assistant (my daughter, Rachel) and provide a little bit of background on the art of Making Maple Syrup, and who this podcast is for. We will also set the stage for the next several episodes where we will dive into the specific steps. My Goal is that by the end of listening to this series, you will have all of the information you need to get started tapping your maple trees, collecting the sap, boiling it, and finally performing the finishing boil in order to bottle that perfect golden elixir! In this series we are going to cover the following topics: 1. How to Identify and When to Collect Sap (What kinds of Maples can produce Syrup? How many do you need?) 2. How to Tap Maple Trees for Maple Syrup (Including best practices for keeping your trees healthy!) 3. How to Boil Sap for Maple Syrup (Easiest methods and how long it will take!) 4. How to Perfect the Finishing Boil (Take the guesswork out of "When is my syrup done?") 5. How to Bottle Maple Syrup (Tips for bottling Maple Syrup for your Family and Friends!) I hope you have as much fun listening as we are having making these episodes! Why am I doing this? I love making maple syrup! It has been a tradition in my family ever since I was very young, and it brings so much joy to our family! I hope to bring that joy to you as well! I hope that after you have listened to this podcast series, you will be equipped with how to start a fun, inexpensive hobby that you can do with your family and friends to draw closer to each other! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Introducing the "How to Make Maple Syrup" Podcast! (Rebroadcast)
  2. Top 5 Lesser-Known Mistakes When Making Maple Syrup
  3. What are the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Making Maple Syrup?
  4. Hard Maplin' – Behind the Music
  5. Finishing Boil for Maple Syrup – Top 5 Tips

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How to Know Exactly When your Maple Syrup is Done Boiling…

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