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Welcome to my resources page! This page links to handy quick reference lists, maintenance checklists, and the most common items I purchase online. Hope you find it helpful!

If you purchase items through the links on this page, I may earn an affiliate commision at no extra cost to you.


Download a FREE vehicle maintenance checklist to keep in your vehicle. Includes mileage of recommended maintenance intervals and schedules!

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Quick Reference Guides

Download this Quick Reference Guide for how to Jumpstart a Car. Keep a copy in your glovebox for emergencies!

How to Jump Start a Car

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Vehicle Supplies Identification Tools

The following selection tools are where you enter your vehicle, year, and other information, and it gives you the correct part numbers for your car. Helps make sure you don’t buy the wrong thing!

Windshield Wiper Blades Selection Tool

Click the button to use the Amazon lookup guide to select the correct Windshield Wipers for your vehicle.

Oil Filter Selection Tool

Use the lookup guide to select the correct oil filter for your vehicle.

Engine Air Filter Selection Tool

When was the last time you replaced your engine air filter? Click the button to look up which filter fits your vehicle and let your car breathe easier!

Cabin Air Filter Selection Tool

Free Trial Offers:

I buy quite a bit of maintenance equipment and supplies off of Amazon. Nothing like ordering a tool or part on your lunch break, and having it delivered to your front door a couple days later while you are at work with free delivery. If you are short on dough and need a part fast with free 2-day delivery, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial. You can cancel anytime (it is easy and the don’t hassle you)!

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Tools and Supplies I use:

The following links are tools that I’ve either purchased or would like to purchase, and lists of supplies I use on these vehicles. This is a good reference list to come back to: my “Repository of Links” to my commonly purchased supplies. I’ll keep adding to this page as I come across additional helpful links.

Okay, here is the list!

Maintenance Articles on Toyota Corolla

For more information on Toyota Corolla maintenance, check out these articles: Maintenance Articles on Toyota Corollas

Maintenance Articles on Honda Accord

For more information on Honda Accord maintenance, check out these articles:
Maintenance Articles on Honda Accords