One common cause of a p0171 or p0174 code is a dirty Mass Airflow Sensor. This article with pictures is meant to assist Honda Accord owners in cleaning the MAF.

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The vehicle used in this article is a 2004 Honda Accord.

Tools and Materials:

How to Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor on a Honda Accord

Start by popping the hood.

Locate the Mass Airflow Sensor near the Air Filter, this will be near the battery.

The engine bay of a 2004 Honda Accord

Press the plastic clip to release the connector, and pull it away from the MAF.

Unplug the connector to the mass airflow sensor honda accord

Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws.

Removal of the Mass Airflow Sensor in a Honda Accord

Carefully remove the MAF.

Mass Airflow Sensor - Honda Accord - p0171

Locate the sensors, they almost look like little resistors. If they appear contaminated, spray them off with Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner.

Close up view of a honda accord mass airflow sensor removed

Be sure to check the ones on the bottom as well.

A close up view of the mass airflow sensor showing the sensors honda accord

The ones in these photos appear pretty clean. If they appear contaminated with what looks like dust and soot, spray them with the cleaner.

Then let the MAF dry for a few minutes before re-inserting it into the slot.

Tighten the screws, and you are finished.

If the error codes persist, and you need to replace the MAF altogether, check out the link below for the part number.

Tools and Materials: