This post gives a quick reference for running the radio diagnostics on the stock radio in a 2003-2008 Honda Accord.

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Stock Radio Diagnostics Screen

Follow these steps to get the radio into diagnostics mode:

  1. Turn the car on or at least to the II key position.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the 1 and the 6 preset buttons.
  3. While holding the 1 and the 6, press and release the radio power button.
  4. Press the preset buttons in order to access the various functions.
  5. When finished, press the radio power button to exit diagnostics mode.

If you determine that your radio is defunct, consider this radio+bluetooth upgrade made specifically for 2003-2007 Honda Accords.

honda accord access diagnostics functions

Diagnostic Functions

In diagnostic mode, there are not too many functions to access, but the ones that are available may be helpful. This is a picture of the initial diagnostics screen.

radio diagnostics screen honda accord

Press the preset buttons (1 through 6) to access the various functions. Those that are available are listed below.

Preset 6: DSP Status. OK or NG

  • DSP OK indicates that the DSP is working okay.
  • DSP NG – Display Bus Negative. Indicates that the bus line is faulty. (NG = negative)
  • EEP OK
  • TmR OK

If you get the DSP NG reading, it is indicating a fault in the connection between the head unit and the connector (not the wiring harness). You should check the wiring connections between the radio, display, and power connection.

honda accord DSP OK

Preset 3: LCD Display. All On

The preset 3 allows you to check if any portion of the LCD display is inoperative or burnt out. Everything that it can possibly display is shown, allowing you to evaluate the display.

LCD Screen Full On Honda Accord

Preset 4: LCD Display. All Off

The preset 4 allows you to check if any portion of the LCD display is always on and not responding.  When pressed, the entire screen should go blank. If not, there is some issue with the display.

Screen Off - Honda Accord Radio


To exit diagnostics mode, press the radio power button.

Honda Accord Radio Power Button 2003-2008

And that’s all I got. I hope you found this useful!