The radio in my 2004 Honda Accord went out, and rather than buy a new one with the same set of very basic features, I replaced it with an aftermarket 10″ touchscreen Android-powered radio! This plug and play replacement costs about $150-200, and vastly increases the capability of your radio!

This upgrade makes the interior of your 15-yr-old car look fully modern!

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In this picture guide, I walk through the steps I took to perform the radio replacement. It took me about 1-2 hrs, and these are the required tools:

Tools and Supplies:

How to Remove the Radio from a 2003-2007 Honda Accord

The first step is to remove the old radio.

How to Install a 10″ Touchscreen Radio in a Honda Accord

The next step is to prepare and install the new Android 10″ touchscreen radio.

Setup the Android Radio 10″ Touchscreen

Now, connect your android 10″ touchscreen radio to wifi. Start downloading apps from the Google Play Store.

The radio comes with several apps included a radio tuner and music player. I downloaded YouTube, Amazon Music, and Google Maps, among others.

This unit works with either Android or iPhone. The sound is great, the sound is just as good as with the stock radio.

Let me know your experience installing an aftermarket radio in your car!

Tools and Supplies:

Video Guide for Radio Replacement in a 2003-2007 Honda Accord

Check out this video for more details on how I installed this aftermarket radio: