This is a quick picture guide for how to change the oil in a Simplicity Broadmoor Lawn Mower, including the recommended oil, quantity, and oil filter part number.

The recommended oil change interval for Simplicity lawn mowers is every 6 months or 100 hrs of operation, whichever comes first.

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The lawn mower shown in this guide is a Simplicity Broadmoor 16hp (GXV530), with the Honda engine (parts manual pdf).

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Changing the Oil in a Simplicity Lawn Tractor – Step by Step

Step 1. Warm Up the Engine

The first step in changing the oil in your lawn tractor is to run the engine until it is warmed up. Usually about 10 minutes or more should do it.

Step 2. Position the Mower on a Level Surface

Move your lawn mower to a level surface. This is important for assessing the final fill oil quantity, and so that the oil drains properly.

Step 3. Turn off Engine and Open the Hood

Make sure the lawn mower is off, and secured so that it won’t roll away!

Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor

Step 4. Clean the Oil Fill and Filter Area

Clean any sand, dirt, grass, or other debris away from the oil fill port (dipstick) and oil filter locations. This will help avoid getting unwanted contaminants into the engine oil.

Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor Oil Filter Location

Step 5. Remove the Dipstick

Removing the Dipstick (which is also the oil filler port cover) will help the oil drain out faster.

Check Oil Simplicity Lawn Tractor Broadmoor

Step 6. Locate the Drain Hose

Many lawn tractors have an oil drain hose, if your does, locate it and position it so that it is over a drain pan. If your tractor does not have a drain hose, position a drain pan under the oil plug bolt on the engine (located under the oil filter).

Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor Drain Hose

Step 7. Remove the Drain Plug

Use a wrench to remove the drain plug. Oil will begin draining out. Allow all of the oil to drain out into the drain pan. Once all or most of the oil has drained out, re-install the drain plug. Tighten it securely.

Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor Drain Hose end cap

In my case, the drain tube uses an 18mm and 16mm wrench to loosen and remove the drain plug.

Remove oil Plug Simplicity Lawn Mower

Tip the drain tube up to remove the drain plug.

remove the oil plug

Then put it into a drain vessel when tipping the tube down to drain the oil. Allow the oil to drain out. Eventually it will slow to a drip, then replace the drain plug.

Draining the oil from a Simplicity Lawnmower

Step 8. Remove the Oil Filter

Unscrew the oil filter. If the filter is too tight to remove, use the appropriate 65mm oil filter wrench. A small amount of oil will drain from the oil filter port as well. Catch the oil with the drain pan or a rag.

Oil Filter Location Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor

If your father-in-law tightened the filter extremely tightly the last time with his man-hands (like what happened to me), then you may need to use a filter remover or pipe wrench to loosen the filter.

Removing an Oil Filter with a Pipe Wrench

Once you remove the filter, another 1/2 cup of oil will drain out, so if you are in your garage or driveway, place a rag underneath to catch the extra oil.

Oil Filter removed from Simplicity Lawn Tractor

Step 9. Lubricate the New Oil Filter

Put some fresh clean oil on a rag or your finger and lightly coat the rubber mating surface of the Fram PH6017A or Genuine Honda 15410-MFJ-D01 oil filter. Or put the old and new filters back to back to get an even film of oil on the seal of the new filter.

Fram PH6017A Oil Filter lubricating the seal

Step 10. Install the Oil Filter

Position the new oil filter over the filter port and screw it on by spinning it clockwise.Tighten it until the gasket contacts the oil filter mating surface, then tighten the oil filter another 1/2 to 7/8 turns.

New oil filter installed in a Simplicity lawn tractor

Step 11. Add Oil

With both the drain plug and the new oil filter installed, use a funnel and pour 1.11 US qts (1050 mL) of Honda 10w-30 engine oil into the oil filter port (dipstick port).

Adding 1050 mL of 10w-30 oil to a Simplicity

Step 11. Replace the Dipstick

Put the dipstick back into the oil fill port and tighten it up. 

Position of Oil Fill, Filter, Drain on a Simplicity Lawn Mower Broadmoor

That completes the oil change procedure on a Simplicity Broadmoor Lawn Mower.

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Tools and Supplies: