Follow this picture guide to replace the rear wiper blade on your 2006 Toyota Sienna.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

Replace Rear Wiper – Step-By-Step Instructions

This Toyota Sienna is in desperate need of a new rear wiper blade. The current blade is starting to come apart.


Step 1: Remove the Old Wiper Blade

To remove the old wiper blade, pull the wiper arm away from the rear window. Then find the small tab underneath the arm, where it connects to the wiper. Press the tab toward the arm to disengage the tab from the notch in the arm. Then pull the old wiper down, away from the hook in the wiper arm, as shown in the following photos.



Set the wiper arm gently against the window (don’t let it snap back and scratch the glass). You can put a rag between the wiper arm and the window to protect it while you get the new wiper blade ready.

Step 2: Put on New Wiper Blade

Get your new wiper blade ready. The rear wiper requires a 16 inch blade with hook attachment.

Push the wiper arm through the wiper blade so that it can wrap around the center attachment point. You don’t need to press any tabs or anything at this point. Just make sure that the hook is able to slide around the attachment point, then, once it is engaged, push the wiper onto the hook. You will hear or feel a ‘click’ when it snaps into place.


Then gently allow the wiper to rest against the rear window.


That’s it! Thanks for reading, and good luck.

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