The following instructions cover the wiper replacement for a less common styles of wiper arm called the bayonet style.

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Example Bayonet Wiper Blades

An example of a bayonet wiper blade would be the Trico 11-6 Exact Fit Conventional Wiper Blade that is a perfect fit for a 1984 Jeep CJ7, as well as other CJ Jeep models.

Bayonet Style Wiper Arms Replacement Guide

The Bayonet style wiper arm looks like this:


This installation requires that you swap out the center plastic adapter that came with the new wiper arm. The J-hook assembly usually comes pre-installed on new wiper blades. To do this, un-snap the center plastic piece from the wiper arm. And instead, snap in the adapter piece. The pictures below show the steps. Start by pulling down on the existing plastic clip to remove it (upper-left), then locate the new adapter (upper right), Press the adapter onto the center post of the wiper arm (lower left) (also note that there are 3 slots, choose the one that fits best), finally, the adapter piece is installed (lower right).

Now position the wiper blade at the end of the wiper arm. Slide it into the slot in the adapter until it clicks into place, with the protrusion sticking through the hole in the adapter.

Verify the New Blade Installation

That’s it! After you have the new blades installed on both wiper arms, go ahead and try them out. Make sure there is nothing stuck under them, and if necessary, wipe a rag along the edge to clean them off.

I hope this was helpful!

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