Follow these picture instructions to learn how to add windshield washer fluid to your Honda Accord!

Materials Required:

Or check out this article on how to Make your own Washer Fluid.

Step by Step Instructions

The first step is to pop the hood.

Reach under the dashboard and locate the latch.

Prop up the hood using the prop-rod and locate the blue cap near the left side of the engine bay. This is where the washer fluid goes.

Pop open the cover and pull it out.

There is a long dip stick on it, it is not really necessary to take it all the way out, just pull it out enough to lay it aside.

Take your bottle of windshield washer fluid and pour it in until it is just below the point where it will start to over flow.

Once the reservoir is full, snap the cap back on.

Here is what the full reservoir will look like, once you are done.

Good work, I hope this was helpful.

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