Take the following steps to reset the “Maintenance Required” light on your Honda; a simple 30 second procedure.

What Does the “Maintenance Required” Light Mean?

The “Maintenance Required” light comes on at fixed intervals to indicate some service should be done to the vehicle, for example an oil change, 100,000 mile inspection, etc…

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Many vehicles have a “Maintenance Required” light that is different from the “Check Engine Light” most people are familiar with. Sometimes there can be confusion between these two lights. The “Check Engine Light” comes on when the on-board computer has thrown an error code. You can read the error codes with an OBD2 tool.

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When you take it in to a shop or the dealer, they will perform the maintenance, and then reset the light for you. If you do some amount of your own maintenance, then you will probably find yourself in a situation where you need to reset this light yourself. Don’t worry, it is very easy, but there are a series of steps you have to follow in a specific order, so its not always easy to remember.

Steps to Reset the Maintenance Required Light on a Honda Accord

  1. Turn the key to the II position.
  2. Turn the key to the OFF position.
  3. Press and hold the Odometer Reset Button.
  4. While still holding the Odometer Reset Button, turn the key back to the II position.
  5. Continue to hold the Odometer Reset Button until the Maintenance Light turns off.

You should be all set! The “Maintenance Required” indicator will now be off the next time you start the vehicle.

Update: I got some information from a reader that this procedure may not work if the headlights are on! If you find that this is not working for you, try making sure your headlights are OFF!

I hope this was able to help someone!

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