Recently the question came up regarding The correct automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to use in a Honda Accord.

This is made more complicated by the fact that Honda has changed the name designation for it’s ATF since the time that many of the specifications were originally written.

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For example, the specification written in the owner’s manual for a 2004 Honda Accord lists the correct ATF as:


But now they are calling it “DW-1.” So, long story short, use DW-1 automatic transmission fluid in your Honda Accord. I recommend going with the official stuff, rather than some off-brand.

If you are interested in reading the specific properties of DW-1 such as the density and viscosity, check out the material data safety sheet for DW-1 which includes a fair amount of this information on it.

It is most cost effective to buy the 12-pack case, and that is what I did.  For details on how to flush ATF, check out this post.


Old ATF being drained from a 2004 Honda Accord:

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