Here’s a quick post on how to engage the child safety locks on the rear sliding doors of your Toyota Sienna.

The purpose of the feature is to make it so that the doors cannot open from the inside. This is to prevent the accidental opening of the door, by a child, while the vehicle is in motion, OR when it is unsafe to exit the vehicle.

For example, you may pull into a parking lot and turn off the van. Eager children may immediately open the door and run out into oncoming traffic! In order to prevent the kids from leaving the vehicle before you are ready to let them out, you can utilize the child lock safety feature.

To engage the safety, open the sliding door and look at the end of the door where the latch mechanism is.

Locate the “child protector” switch, which is labeled as shown.

Initially, the switch will be in the UP position, meaning that the lock is off, or, not engaged.

In order to engage, or turn on, the child safety lock, press the switch downward with your finger.

With the switch in the DOWN position, the child safety lock is engaged, meaning that the door will not open from the inside, as a safety precaution.

I hope this helps you, and thanks for reading. For more articles on Toyota Sienna DIY maintenance, click here!