Simple straightforward picture guide for changing the oil in a 2003-2009 Toyota Sienna. It is recommended to change oil about every 5,000 miles. I hope you find this guide for changing oil helpful!

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Toyota recommends 5w-30 motor oil for Toyota Siennas made in 2010 or earlier. For Siennas 2011 and later, Toyota recommends 0w-20 motor oil. I personally highly recommend using synthetic oil. The amount of oil required in an oil change when also changing the filter is 5.0 quarts, which is very convenient since oil comes in a 5 qt jug.

Alright, let’s get started!

Tools and Materials Used:

Step-By-Step Instructions

The 2003-2009 model Toyota Sienna is nice because it takes exactly 5.0 qts of oil if you are changing the filter as well (recommended), so you can just buy the 5 qt jug and use it all. This is the page from the manual.


This is the basic procedure we will follow to change the oil:

  1. Drain out the used oil.
  2. Put the drain plug back in.
  3. Remove the old filter.
  4. Put on the new filter.
  5. Add 5 qts of fresh oil.

Step 1: Drain out the used oil.

Crawl under the vehicle and locate the oil pan. It will have a bolt (the drain plug) coming out the bottom of it.


Position a drain pan underneath it.


Use a 14 mm socket to remove the drain plug.


Once it is loose, you can take it the rest of the way out with your fingers.

06-removed-oil-plugTake care at the end, not to drop the drain plug into the drain pan. Wait about 5 or 10 minutes for most of the oil to drain out.


While the used oil is draining, put a new gasket on the drain plug, if you have one. I like to change gaskets every 2-3 oil changes or so. This is the pack of 10 I bought.


Step 2: Put the Drain Plug back in.

Once most of the used oil has drained out, and the draining has slowed to a drip. Put the drain plug back in and tighten it up snugly (if you have a torque wrench, torque it to 30-33 ft-lbs ref.).


Step 3: Remove the Used Oil Filter.

In this step you will remove the old oil filter.

Where is the oil filter located on a Toyota Sienna?

The easiest way to get at the filter for removal is from above. Pop the hood and prop it up. The oil filter is located at the front of the engine.

Toyota has nicely place a funnel-type flange to direct the oil that leaks or around the filter, down and around to an open spot, so that it does not get all over everything.

Now, position your drain pan directly below this funnel-shaped flange to catch the oil that will come draining out of the filter as it is being removed.

Reach between the fan and the exhaust manifold. Take care, as the exhaust manifold can be hot if you have driven the vehicle recently; it is an easy way to get a burn on your arm if you’re not careful.


Here is a view from below as the filter is grasped for loosening.


Twist the oil filter counterclockwise to remove it. If it is stuck, they make a tool for removing stuck filters.

Here is another view of the filter from below, showing it in relation to the funnel-shaped flange.


When you get the filter loose, oil will start draining out, down the flange, into your drain pan. Let it drain for a while, and when it is mostly done dripping, unscrew the filter the rest of the way, tip it up, and remove it, like so:


Step 4: Put on the New Filter

You’re now ready to install the  new filter. I recommend these Ultra Synthetic filters for maximum oil life:

  • Oil Filter Part# XG3614 (1998-2006 Toyota Sienna)
  • Oil Filter Part# XG9972 (2007-2020 Toyota Sienna)

First, put a little oil on the gasket in order to lubricate it. A good way to do this is to take the old filter, and touch the gaskets together to get a nice sheen of oil on the new filter’s gasket.


Go ahead and and screw the new filter, onto the place where you just removed the old one. Here is a view from below of the partially-screwed-on new filter.


Twist the new filter clockwise until it is nice and snug. Don’t go overboard, you need to get it off next time.

Step 5: Add Fresh Oil

You are now ready to add fresh oil. I recommend Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full-Synthetic.

Open the oil fill cap, set it aside, and put in a funnel.

Now, take you 5 gal jug of fresh oil and slowly pour it all in. Don’t pour too fast, as it can pretty easily overflow the fill port and get everywhere.


Once you have filled it with all 5 qts, you are finished! Replace the oil fill cap.

Mark down the date and mileage wherever you keep track of this information. Change oil every 5,000 miles. If you don’t have a system for this, one suggestion is the CarFax Maintenance App (Android or iOS). If  you prefer the paper in your glove box, here is a handy maintenance schedule pdf.

Tools and Materials Used:

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