One day I heard a pop, and after that the microwave door would no longer latch closed! You could push the door closed, but it would just bounce open again. The door would not stay closed, so the light was on constantly.

I took it apart and determined that a small plastic hook in the latch mechanism had broken. This quick post details the simple fix.

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Here is the door sitting open because it would not latch…


Kenmore/Samsung Microwave Broken Door Latch

Okay, so the microwave in question is a Kenmore Model No. 401.85042010. After a few internet searches, this appears to be a very common problem, also plaguing several different brand names (Including Kenmore, Samsung, and Maytag) with slight variations.


Other model numbers for which the fix for this latch mechanism applies (a more complete list is at the end of this post):

Kenmore: 40180082010, 40180082700, 40180083700, 40180084700, 40180086700, 40180089700, 40180092010, 40180092700, 40180093010, 40180093700, 40180094700, 40180099010, 40180099700, 40185042010, 40185042210, 40185042310, 40185043010, 40185043210, 40185043310, 40185044010, 40185044110, 40185044210, 40185046010 etc;

Samsung: 592856000, 592856030, 592856040, 592856060, 592856090, 592856100, 592856130, 592856140, 592856190, 80082, 80083, 80084, 80086, 80089, 80092, 80093, 80094, 80099, BMHC815SS, BMHC815SSXAC, BMHC815WW, ME16H702SEB, ME16H702SES, ME16H702SEW

Tools and Supplies:

Procedure to Fix a Broken Microwave Door Latch

To get at the latch mechanism, use a thin flat tool such as a flat-bladed screwdriver or a paint scraper and pry out the trim on the inner part of the microwave door.


There are these plastic clips that hold the trim in place. I just pried until they popped loose, and none of them snapped, but if you are worried about them snapping, you could reach in with a small tool and press the tab out of its hole, after you have pried out the first 1 or 2 clips. There appears to be about 2 clips on each edge.


It is only necessary to remove the trim on the side with the hook latches. Once the trim is out of the way, you can see the latch mechanism. lift it straight up to unseat it from its holes, then pull it out.


In my case, the little plastic hook that holds one end of the spring, had snapped off. That must have been the ‘pop’ sound I heard when it failed!


I chose to try repairing my existing latch. Another option is to just purchase a new one off of Amazon since they are pretty cheap. Here is the link if you want to check the current price:

DE64-00760A Microwave Door Latch Replacement

For the repair I did, I used a drill with a small drill bit.


I used a 1/16″ drill bit and it worked fine.


At the place where the hook broke off, I drilled a hole through the piece of plastic that remained, as shown.


Then, take the spring, and hook it through the hole you just drilled. If your spring broke, here is the link for a new one (it is labeled as Samsung, but applies to Kenmore as well):

Samsung DE61-00048A Key Spring


And then hook the other end of the spring through the corresponding hole in the microwave door.


Then pull up on the latch mechanism, and feed it into the holes at the top and the bottom of the channel in the microwave door that it rides in.


That’s pretty much it! Press the trim piece back into place, and you’re all set.

Thanks for reading!

Tools and Supplies:

Other Model Numbers:

Kenmore: Samsung: Samsung: Samsung:
40180082010 592856000 SMV9165BC/XAA SMH7175BC/XAA
40180082700 592856030 SMV9165SC/XAA SMH7175BE/XAA
40180083700 592856040 SMH7174BC/XAA SMH7175CC/XAA
40180084700 592856060 SMH7174BE/XAA SMH7178STD/XAA
40180086700 592856090 SMH7174CC/XAA SMH7175WC/XAA
40180089700 592856100 SMH7174WC/XAA SMH7175WE/XAA
40180092010 592856130 SMH7174WE/XAA SMH7178STE/XAA
40180092700 592856140 SMH7177STE/XAA SMH4150BD/XAA
40180093010 592856190 SMH4150WD/XAA SMH1713S/XAA-01
40180093700 80082 SMH7175BC/XAA ME18H704SFS/AA-00
40180094700 80083 SMH7175BE/XAA ME20H705MSB/AA-00
40180099010 80084 SMH7175CC/XAA ME20H705MSS/AA-00
40180099700 80086 SMV9165BC/XAA BMHC815SS
40185042010 80089 SMV9165SC/XAA BMHC815SSXAC
40185042210 80092 SMH7174BC/XAA BMHC815WW
40185042310 80093 SMH7174BE/XAA ME16H702SEB
40185043010 80094 SMH7174CC/XAA ME16H702SES
40185043210 80099 SMH7174WC/XAA ME16H702SEW
40185043310 SMH7174WE/XAA
40185044010 SMH7177STE/XAA
40185044110 SMH4150WD/XAA