The little flat tire light came on the dashboard and I don’t have a flat tire, can I reset it?!? YES, follow these simple instructions to reset the TPMS (flat tire) light on your Toyota vehicle!

Steps for Resetting the Flat Tire (TPMS) Light

  1. Start the car (or turn the key to the “ON” position).
  2. Press and hold the TPMS button.
  3. The flat tire (TPMS) light will blink slowly 3 times.
  4. When the light goes out, release the button.

What Does the TPMS Light Mean?

The little orange flat tire light came on in my Toyota Sienna the other day. I’d had a flat tire and had it replaced recently. Shortly afterwards, the “Flat Tire” (TPMS) light came on.


The TPMS light stands for “Tire Pressure Management System” and it indicates one or more of the tires has the incorrect pressure. The purpose of this is that it can help you diagnose a flat tire or leak. When you change tires, or re-inflate them to the proper pressure, this change can trip the TPMS light and you will need to reset the system.

Where is the TPMS Reset Button?

In most Toyota vehicles, the TPMS or flat tire reset button, is located below the steering wheel on the left-hand side.


The button is labeled with the flat tire symbol and the word “SET.”


How Do I Clear the Tire Pressure Light?

Make sure all of the tires are properly inflated. To clear the tire pressure (TPMS) light, turn the key to the “ON” position. Press and hold the TPMS reset button. After the flat-tire-light on the dashboard blinks slowly 3 times, release the button.


I hope this helped you! If so, let me know in the comments!