Is your refrigerator water dispenser due for a filter change? I forgot the last time I changed mine, and it took me a while to find the correct part number for the filter. Hope this helps you out!

Kenmore Refrigerator

My refrigerator is a kenmore model number 795.79302.901. The water filter that goes with this and a lot of other Kenmore refrigerators (and LG refrigerators, for that matter), is the 5231JA2006A. You are supposed to replace these filters every 6 months apparently, so I bought the following 3-pack off Amazon.

The sticker with the model number and other information is located on the inner wall of the fridge on the right-hand side. Here is a photo showing the information for the refrigerator shown here.


Here is the 3-pack of filters for purifying the drinking water from the fridge.


On the packaging is some additional information concerning the compatibility with various refrigerators.


How to Replace the Water Filter

1. In the provided instruction sheet, it recommends turning off the water to your refrigerator. I did NOT do this step, and it was fine. There was a small stream of water and a few drips, so maybe move some of the things around so that they don’t get splashed. I suspect this would have dripped even if the water had been turned off, so I consider turning off the water to be an optional step.

2. The first step is to locate the water filter inside the refrigerator. It is near the dispensing button.

3. Grab the filter and give it a twist to the left (counter-clockwise). Sometimes it helps to push in slightly while you are doing it.


4. Give the filter about a 1/4 turn, then pull it out.


5. My old filter was definitely due for a change. This picture is embarrassing. Anyway, remove the protective cap from the new filter.


6. Put the new filter in the filter hole. Don’t worry too much about lining everything up. We’ll worry about that once it is fully in.


7. Slide the filter in the rest of the way until it stops.


8. Push it all the way in until it is flush with the outer portion of the holder, then twist the filter to the right (clockwise) until it locks in place. Again, that will be about 1/4 of a turn.


9. When it is fully locked in place, the grip-handle will be more-or-less horizontal.


10. Before you drink the water, go ahead and dispense some of it.


BEWARE: it will probably sputter a bit as the new filter fills with water.

11. Dispense about 1.5 gallons of water that you won’t drink. The reason for this is that small bits of carbon from the filter will get washed out. You don’t want to drink that stuff. Here is a photo of the black carbon bits floating in the first 1/2 gallon of water that I dispensed.


Here is a closer view of the little bits.


12. Included in the pack are some stickers. Choose the sticker for the date at which you installed it (or the date you want to change it), and put it on the filter, or somewhere nearby as a reminder. Again, they recommend changing the filter every 6 months (or 300 gallons) or so.


That’s about it! hope this was helpful! Thanks for visiting!

Here is a link to the appropriate filters: