Keep your windshield washer fluid topped off, so that you aren’t caught by surprise in bad weather. Follow this guide to keep your windshield washer fluid full.

Supplies Needed:

Windshield Washer Fluid

Checkout the video version, or keep reading for photos with description.

The first step is to pop the hood. Activate the latch under the steering wheel.

Prop up the hood.

Then locate the washer fluid reservoir on the left hand side of the engine bay.

Open the cover by lifting up on the flip top cap.

Use a funnel, or just line it up as best you can and start pouring it in.

Add fluid until it is either full, or you have poured in the entire jug. If the reservoir is completely empty, it will take more than a gallon of fluid to fill it completely.

The fill neck is transparent, so you can see when it is full.

Flip the lid closed and press until it clicks.

Well done. Make sure your windshield wipers are working properly as well. Click here for instructions on replacing the wipers.