The following table lists the specifications for the 1980 Honda XL100S.

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Honda XL100S Specifications
Length75.6 in.1920 mm
Width31.7 in.805 mm
Height41.7 in.1060 mm
Wheel Base48.2 in.1225 mm
Dry Weight176.3 lbs80.0 kg
Passengers1 driver, 1 pass.
Engine OilGN4 10W-40
Engine Oil1.1 US qt.1.0 liter
Fuel Tank1.2 US gal.4.5 liter
Reserve Fuel0.3 US gal.1.2 liter
Bore and Stroke2.09 x 1.77 in.53 x 45 mm
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Displacement6.1 cu-in.99.2 cc
Contact Breaker Point Gap0.012 – 0.016 in.0.3 – 0.4 mm
Spark Plug Gap0.024 – 0.028 in.0.6 – 0.7 mm
Spark PlugNGK C7HS
Valve Tappet Clearance Intake0.002 in.0.05 mm
Valve Tappet Clearance Exhaust0.002 in.0.05 mm
Chassis and Suspension
Caster61 deg.
Trail4.3 in.108 mm
Tire Size, Front2.50 – 19 (4PR)
Tire Size, Rear3.00 – 16 (4PR)
Power Transmission
Primary Reduction4.437
1st Gear Ratio3.083
2nd Gear Ratio1.882
3rd Gear Ratio1.400
4th Gear Ratio1.130
5th Gear Ratio0.923
Final Reduction2.8
Battery6 V – 4 AH
GeneratorAC Generator