Car doors that freeze shut can be very frustrating! Use this fix to prevent this problem from ever happening again!

Do you suffer from car doors or windows that freeze shut in the winter? Try this handy trick to eliminate the problem!

what you’ll need:

Is this what your vehicle looks like when you come out in the morning ready to go to work? Mine does. The door seals have a tendency to freeze shut in the winter. Pulling on the door handle makes it seem like something is going to break if you keep reefing on it…



The solution to this is to prevent moisture from getting in between the two mating surfaces. Take some silicone spray, and spray some on a rag.



Then apply the silicone to the rubber door seals on both the door and the car frame. Don’t go overboard. There shouldn’t be any dripping. Just apply an even coating so that the seal looks a little moist.



Here you can see the seal with the silicone applied. It just makes it look a bit shiny.



The silicone repels and displaces water. This makes it so that water doesn’t get between the seals and freeze the door shut.

The same trick can be applied to car windows. Apply the silicone to the sides and top, where the window fits into the door (not the bottom, or you will end up with streaks on the window!).

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