Quick and easy picture guide on how to pop the hood on a Toyota Corolla!

The Corolla has 2 latches that must be released in order for the hood to open.

Steps to Pop the Hood on a Toyota Corolla:

  1. Pull the latch under the steering wheel to release the hood.
  2. Move the the front of the car and reach between the hood and the body of the car.
  3. Press upward on the latch under the front of the hood to release the secondary latch.
  4. Lift up the hood and use the rod to prop the hood up.

The following goes into more detail with photos:

Detailed Instructions for Popping the Hood on a Corolla

The first latch is located under the steering wheel, on the left side as you are sitting in the driver’s seat. It has a small icon showing a vehicle with its hood raised.

Pull this latch outward until you hear the hood pop open.

Release the hood of a Corolla

The hood will pop up about an inch or so.

Now go to the front of the car and lift up the hood. You will need to reach your hand inside the crack and feel around for the latch. The latch you are looking for is shown below on the right side (in this photo, the hood is already open). You want to press upward on the latch, so that it will release the hook from the hood. While pressing upward on this latch, lift up on the hood with your other hand.


Once the hood is release, lift it all the way up.

Now locate the prop-rod on the left side of the engine bay. Un-clip it and locate the corresponding hole in the underside of the hood. Fit the prop rod into the underside of the hood to hold it up.


And that’s it! Thanks for reading and good luck!

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