With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time for a list of the best gifts for men! Check out this article for Christmas presents men will love!Top-Gifts-for-Men

A lot of guys approach the gift-giving and receiving portion of Christmas in this way: “Just try to get through it without disappointing anyone, and for Pete’s sake, don’t get your hopes too high!” The odds of you getting something you actually want is very low, so just try to grin and act like you like it!

Don’t let that happen to the dude in your life! As a continuation of the popular post 21 Tools Every Mechanic Should Own, check out this list of gifts that will bring the pleasant surprise back to Christmas gift receiving! These are the gifts any guy would really appreciate.

Alright, let’s get started!

1. Cordless Drill

I’ve got to start with the classic cordless drill. This is the quintessential must-have tool for any guy. If he’s already got one, make sure it is one with a lithium-ion battery like this one. These are so much better than the old nickel-cadmium batteries from about 5-10 years ago. These Li-ion batteries keep their power until the last minute, rather than slowly getting weaker and weaker like Ni-Ca batteries.

Cordless Drill ~ $50

2. Titanium Drill Bits

To go along with the cordless drill, or to supplement an existing drill, these titanium drill bits can’t be beat. It’s always nice to have an extra set of drill bits around for drilling holes, and the titanium ones are a lot less likely to break than the traditional ones.

Titanium Drill Bits ~ $20

3. Cordless Drill Holster

Get a holster for that cordless drill! Strap this to his utility belt. Re-live the wild-west. But seriously, this is a great invention so you always have your drill with you. You don’t have to keep asking yourself, “where did I put the drill?” It’s strapped to your hip. Get one of these, and simplify any project.

Cordless Drill Holster ~ $15

4. Socket Set

Next on the list is this socket set. You won’t get very far in your shop without a good socket set. I like to have an extra one to keep in the trunk for emergencies. This 34-piece set includes all of the most commonly used sizes: both SAE and metric, so you are covered for both domestic and foreign applications.

Socket Set ~ $45

5. Portable Car Jump Starter

Speaking of emergencies, this portable car jump starter is excellent for that purpose. Keep this in the glovebox for  times where you go to start the car and just hear a dull “click.” You’ll be glad you’ve got this puppy! Oh, and by the way, you can also use it to charge a cell phone or other electronics! A must-have for any guy.

600A Portable Car Jump Starter ~$70

6. Car Engine Code Scanner

If you know a guy who doesn’t have an engine code scanner, he needs one! These things are awesome! Did you know that after Jan 1, 1996 every car sold in the U.S. was required to be OBDII equipped? This means that there is an on-board computer that turns on your check-engine light when there is a problem. This device can read that computer and tell you the error code, which you then Google, and then know what is wrong with your vehicle! I wrote a post about how to use an engine scanner. Some shops will charge you read your check engine codes, others will do it for free, but then you have to take the car there. Take the time and trouble out of this by doing it yourself. By the way, this tool also allows you to reset the check engine light. This can be very helpful for those pesky errors that show up occasionally and temporarily but aren’t really a serious problem (like a loose gas cap). A gift like this will save time and make you look like an expert!

Car Engine Code Scanner ~ $35

7. Swiss Army Knife

Bring out the inner MacGyver! The ‘Tinker’ Swiss Army Knife is the standard that all pocket knives are judged against! Pick up one of these as a perfect gift for any dude. Also makes a great stocking-stuffer. I have a couple of these, great to keep one in the tackle-box and another in the glove-box.

Swiss Army Knife ~ $25

8. Dremel Tool

I used to be pretty skeptical of the Dremel tool…until I got one as a gift a few years back. This thing is actually pretty versatile. It is one of those tools that you go to when nothing else will do the job! Great for fine sanding jobs and working in small, hard-to-reach places. Great tool for those guys who already have everything.

Dremel Tool ~ $25

9. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is one of those tools that really sets you apart from your typical hack mechanic. The fact that you know that bolts have a tightness specification determined by the engineers who designed the part, and you both know and use that spec, shows an attention to detail that makes every repair better. Even better, this is a very simple thing to do! It works just like a standard socket wrench, but gives a click at the properly specified tightness. This actually makes things like car maintenance safer. Great for any mechanic.

Torque Wrench ~ $25

10. Shop Vac

The Shop Vac pretty much goes without saying. Every shop needs one. Every garage needs one. I even have one of these in the basement for saw dust, paint chips, and general disorder. It just makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something just by cleaning up a little, and vacuuming is one of the more satisfying… the dust and dirt is JUST GONE! Any dude loves a shop vac, and it makes your life better, too…it’s a win-win!

Shop Vac ~ $65

11. Tool Bag

I love a good tool bag. I have several of these and they are incredibly handy. I’ve got toolboxes, too, but there is something nice about a soft-sided bag that just let’s you throw a bunch of tools in there and take-off to the next repair. I like having tools in a bag like this in the car; it makes a lot less noise than a toolbox. Great for a guy that is always transporting tools.

Tool Bag ~ $30

12. Compartment Organizer

Are there nuts and bolts, screws and washers lying everywhere in the shop, on the counter, in the garage, etc…? The underlying problem is that there is just no place to put that stuff. If it doesn’t have a compartment, how can it be put away? Tackle this problem head-on with a screw, nut, and bolt organizer. Finally someplace to store all those little odds and ends!

Compartment Organizer ~ $15

13. Utility Hooks

Along the lines of organization, utility hooks can be a game changer! Ever look around your garage or basement and notice piles of stuff everywhere? And… these high bare walls? Take advantage of that free space by hanging stuff up! Get an assortment of hooks and get the ladder, hoses, and bikes off the floor and onto the walls. Free up some precious floor space. I love hooks for getting stuff off the ground to that I have some space to work.

Garage Utility Hooks ~ $30

14. Toolbox

When a toolbag won’t cut it, invest in a toolbox. This one is a good general purpose size for holding a good smattering of tools without being overly large and obnoxious. The hard size and internal compartments ensure tools stay somewhat organized for jobs on the go. Nice for the guy whose got one set of nice tools that he wants to use in the shop and at remote locations.

Toolbox ~ $25

15. Gas Can

I always like a good gas can. This 5-gallon unit will get the job done. It has the mandatory safety nozzle (which I am not personally a fan of) to keep fire from traveling back up the stream and exploding. Anyway, these make a good gift for guys with a high cylinder index. The best way to keep engines running well is to use fresh gas and keep those motors running!

5-Gallon Gas Can

16. Solar Device Charger

You can’t have too many battery packs for charging things like phones, tablets, and laptops. The nice feature of this one is the solar charging capability which is helpful for remote operations. Includes the usual stuff like a flashlight. Just set this out in the sun while camping and charge that phone overnight!

10000 mAh Solar Device Charger

17. Portable 12V Tire Inflator

This is a great kit to have in the car as a backup in case you end up with a nail in your tire and the dreaded slow leak. Don’t get stranded! Inflate the tire and drive home or to the shop. This charges up on your cigarette lighter and inflates tires. Much more convenient than a manual tire pump!

Portable 12V Tire Inflator ~ $40

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this list of Christmas gifts that men will enjoy. Appreciate your patronage, and Merry Christmas!

All the best,


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