Welcome back, everybody! I decided to write a post on the tools that every mechanic should own. Whether you are just starting out, looking for a gift, or want to fill in some of the gaps in your kit of necessary tools, this post is an attempt to help you out!

I keep a running list on my phone of tools that I need to acquire, these include tools I end up borrowing, or jobs I can’t do because of not having the correct tool, etc. And it then occurred to me that over the years I’ve acquired quite a hodgepodge of random tools from a variety of sources, and it always amazes me the tools that I go back to again and again. Obviously there are some tools that are just used more often (depending, I suppose, on the type of job you do most), but there are others that I reach for time and again just because they are either higher quality or have some sentimental value.

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There are other tools that just feel good in the hands (mechanics know what I’m talking about)! For those, I’ll dig through a drawer of 40 screwdrivers to find the exact one!

Anyway, a list like this can never be comprehensive, there is just too much out there. So I would consider this a starting point, a base, if you will, for the tools to come! These are in rough order of what I use the most.

So whether you are buying kit for your son or daughter as they prepare to leave home, or just want to fill in the gaps in your own set, I hope you find this list useful!

Under $25

The following tools will run you in the range of about $25 – $50.

#1. screwdriver set

#2. pliers set

#3. soft-sided tool-bag

#4. torque wrench

#5. hammer

#6. socket extension set

#7. hex wrench set

#8. creeper

#9. labels for sockets

#10. jack-stands

$25 – $50 Range

The following tools will run you in the range of about $25 – $50.

#11. vise-grips set

#12. socket set

#13. car obdii reader

#14. hydraulic car jack

$50 – $100 Range

These tools are in the price range of $50 – $100.

#15. shop light

#16. ratcheting wrench set

#17. cordless drill

More than $100

These tools will run you a little more, but are definitely worth the extra cost!

#18. tool chest  or complete rolling tool chest

#19. circular saw

#20. workbench

#21. impact wrench

Feel free to let me know if I missed something in the comments section… I’ll try to add tools as I think of them. Check out these top 17 best Christmas Gifts for Men!

Thanks for reading!