Lots of pictures in this step-by-step guide walk you through the simple process of changing the cabin air filter in your 2002 through 2021 Honda Accord (applies to both 4-Cyl and 6-Cyl models).

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Does your car stink every time you turn on the air conditioning or the heater? Has it been a while since you have had the cabin air filter changed? Have you ever had it changed?!? There is a good chance that simply replacing the filter will remove that horrible smell! It’s easy and doesn’t cost much! You can change this filter in about 5 minutes, with no tools required. Okay, let’s get started.

Tools and Materials Required:

Note: Honda uses the same filter on both the 4-cyl and 6-cyl Accords from 2002-2021.

Replacing the Cabin Air Filter in a Honda Accord – Steps

The first step is to acquire a cabin air filter. I got the FRAM CF10134 off Amazon.


Go into your passenger’s side door and open the glove compartment.


Notice the retaining damper arm on the right-hand side. You will need to disconnect this. It doesn’t require any tools. To disconnect it, just press it straight backward until it unclips from the glove compartment.

Now the retaining damper arm is free, you can release the glove box. You may want to remove everything from the glove compartment, so that it does not fall out onto the floor.

To release the glove box, press inward on both sidewalls, simultaneously, and pull the box outward.


It will swing downward on its hinges.


Look into the area behind the glove compartment, and you will see the cover for the cabin air filter.


Press the tabs on each side, to release the cover.

Then pull the filter holder assembly straight out.


Pull the old filter out of the filter holder assembly.


Grab the new cabin air filter. Here is a photo showing the clean and dirty filters side-by-side.


Put the new filter into the filter holder assembly in the same way that the old one was. Take care to make sure that the airflow arrows are pointing downward (and that the text is right-side up).

In the Honda Accord, the cabin air filter arrows should point downward to match the correct airflow direction!


The airflow is downward as indicated on the cover:


Once the new air filter is nicely seated in the holder, put the holder back into its slot.


Then, press the assembly inward until you hear the clips on the side snap into place.


That is it for the filter. Now swing the glove compartment upward, and push it in until the catches on the 2 sides snap into place.

Now it is time to re-connect the retaining damper arm. Pull the arm downward.


And snap it into place on the catch.


Close the glove compartment. That’s it, nice work. I hope this guide was helpful.

Order your cabin air filter now, and follow this procedure to replace it!

Cabin Air Filter for Honda Accord (Model# CF10134)

Video – How to Change Cabin Air Filter – Honda Accord

To watch the video version of this guide, click the video below.

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