In this post we go through the rear bearing hub replacement on a 2002 Lexus ES300/Toyota Camry.

You know when a bearing is going out when rolling down the road just gets louder. Some have referred to it as “Wheel Roar”! It sounds like your car is going to take off!

For details on how to check if you have a bad bearing (and which wheel it is), check out this article which describes the procedure for changing the front bearing.

Replacing the rear bearings in one of these cars is actually pretty easy. You replace the whole bearing hub assembly, so it is a lot easier than replacing the front bearing, which is more involved because you have to press the bearing into the hub. For the rear, you just take off the old one, and slap on the new one…

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The trickiest part of this repair is if you live in the “Rust Belt” like I do. Some of the parts end up being rusted together. Not a big deal.

TIP: I show you all the tricks to get the hub off easily and safely!

Applicable Vehicles

This repair will be the same for the models shown including Toyota Camry.

  • 2002-2011 Toyota Camry
  • 2005-2012 Toyota Avalon
  • 2002-2003 Lexus ES300
  • 2004-2006 Lexus ES330
  • 2007-2012 Lexus ES350

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Tools and Supplies Needed for this Repair

The following tools and supplies are used for this repair:

How to Replace the Rear Bearing – 2002 Toyota Camry – Lexus ES300

The first step is to jack up the vehicle, secure it with chocks and jackstands.

Then remove the rear wheel.

Removing the tire on a 2002 Lexus ES300

Set the rear wheel aside or place it under the vehicle for an extra layer of protection in case the jackstands fail.

Removed tire on a 2002 Lexus ES300

This is the rear brake assembly. We’ll remove this in the next step.

Rear brakes Lexus ES300 2002

Use a 14mm socket to remove the top and bottom brake caliper bolts that hold the caliper bracket on (2 bolts).

14mm socket

Use a caliper hook or some wire to hold the brake caliper out of the way being sure not to put strain on the brake line.

Brake Caliper Removed Lexus ES300 2002

Here is a picture of the brake caliper being held up by a caliper hook that is hooked above to the strut spring.

Caliper hook

Next, remove the brake disc. It is usually rusted on, so try giving it a few taps with a rubber mallet.

If it doesn’t budge, use a 10mm bolt and thread it into one of the holes in the disk. I used the bolt from the brake line bracket.

Trick for Removing a rusted on Brake Drum on a Lexus ES300 2002

Screw the bolt in until the disc pops loose, then remove the brake disc.

removing the brake drum disc from a Lexus ES300 2002

Next, reach around behind the bearing assembly and locate the ABS speed sensor. Remove the ABS sensor plug.

ABS Sensor wire and connector 2002 Lexus ES300

Mine broke off, so it is convenient here to show how the plug comes loose. Force a flat-bladed screwdriver to release the plastic tab as shown. Then pull the connector apart.

Where to press on the tab on the ABS sensor of a 2002 Lexus ES300 rear brake

We’re now ready to remove the hub assembly. Use a 14mm socket. The socket has to be narrow enough to fit through the hole in the flange. A deep 14mm socket works well for this.

Feed the socket into the hole until it is seated on the bolt head.

Removing the rear bearing hub assembly 2002 Lexus ES300

These mounting bolts might be tight. I had to use a cheater bar to remove them.

cheater bar 14mm socket

Note there are 4 bolts that need to be removed. rotate the flange so that the hole lines up with the next bolt and remove that as well. Repeat until all 4 bolts are removed. Note that you might need to wiggle the parking brake shoes around in order to get the socket to seat properly on the bolt heads.

The hub assembly and backing plate are often rusted together. Tap them or use a slide hammer to get the hub assembly off, being careful not to damage the brake line going to the parking brake.

Rear bearing hub assembly removed 2002 Lexus ES300

The hub assembly is usually seized to the backing plate.

To remove it, the following trick:

PRO TIP! Thread two long bolts through the holes in the flange and place a washer and nut on the backside.

Trick for removing the rear bearing hub from the backing plate on a 2002 Lexus ES300

Here you can see the washer and nut on the opposite side of the flange:

Good Trick for removing the rear bearing hub from the backing plate on a 2002 Lexus ES300

Hold the nut with a wrench and screw the bolt inward to force flange away from the backing plate. The tip of the bolt presses against the backing plate, and the nut and washer press against the inside of the flange. Alternately tighten the 2 bolts, until the hub assembly is pressed out.

Good Trick for removing the rear bearing hub from the backing plate on a 2002 Lexus ES300 fast

Once the backing plate pops loose, separate it from the old hub assembly.

Rear bearing assembly removed from the backing plate

To prevent this happening in the future, I put a coating of anti-seize onto the face-plate.

anti seize

We’re now ready to install the new hub assembly.

This is a link to the hub assembly that I bought, and it is still working great 6 months later:

Bearing Hub Assembly (Rear) – Toyota Camry / Lexus ES300,ES330ES350 / Toyota Avalon

New Hub assembly installation on a 2002 Lexus ES300 same as Toyota Camry

This next part is a little tricky. It might help to have an extra set of hands for this step. While holding the hub assembly and backing plate, thread one of the upper bolts through both of them and into the face-plate.

I found it worked well to position the bolt through the hub and backing plate first with the socket on the bolt head.

Installing the new rear bearing 2002 Toyota Camry

Then fit it all onto the face-plate and start screwing in the socket by hand.

Once you have it started, reinstall all 4 bolts.

Install mounting bolts rear brakes Toyota

You may need to move the parking brake pads around in order to get the bolts started into their holes.

tighten the mounting bolts 2002 camry

Torque these 4 mounting bolts to 59 ft-lbf. Not sure how to use a torque wrench? Check out this post.

torque setting rear mounting bolts rear bearing hub assembly 2002 Lexus ES300

Next, attach the ABS speed sensor connector on the back. When it snaps into place, you will hear a ‘click.’

reattached ABS connector

Clean off the brake shoes and inside the drum with brake cleaner.

Brake cleaner

I applied some anti-seize on the flange to hopefully prevent it from rusting to the disc next time.

rear bearing hub 2002 Lexus ES300

Now reinstall the brake disc.

Install the brake drum rear bearing hub 2002 Lexus ES300

If you still have the 10mm bolt in the hole from the removal, take it out and put it back where it came from!

rear brake drum

Then slide the brake caliper back into place and line up the mounting holes.

2002 Lexus ES300 install caliper brake rear


2002 Lexus ES300 install caliper brake rear

Reinstall the two 14mm bolts, top and bottom.

14mm bolt 2002 Lexus ES300 install caliper brake rear

I torqued these to 34 ft-lbf.

Spray the brake disc with brake cleaner.

Then reinstall the wheel and torque the lug nuts to 76 ft-lbf.

torque lug nuts toyota Camry 2002 76 ft-lbs

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Tools and Supplies Needed for this Repair

The following tools and supplies are used for this repair: