This is a super quick picture guide on how to change the cabin air filter in your Toyota Sienna.

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As I mentioned, this is a really quick replacement, no tools required, and it will take you about 1-2 minutes if you take your time.


You can get these filters at most Auto parts stores, otherwise, you can order one at this link here:

The following chart lists the correct part number for Cabin Air Filter based on Year for Toyota Sienna. Click the part number for availability and price.

Toyota Sienna Cabin Air Filter
Year CE/LE XLE/Limited
2021 CF10285 CF10285
2020 CF10285 CF10285
2019 CF10285 CF10285
2018 CF10285 CF10285
2017 CF10285 CF10285
2016 CF10285 CF10285
2015 CF10285 CF10285
2014 CF10285 CF10285
2013 CF10285 CF10285
2012 CF10285 CF10285
2011 (6-Cyl 3.5L) CF10285 CF10285
2011 (4-Cyl 2.7L) CF10132 CF10132
2010 CF10132 CF10132
2009 CF9846A CF10132
2008 CF9846A CF10132
2007 CF9846A CF10132
2006 CF9846A CF10132
2005 CF9846A CF10285
2004 CF9846A CF10285

How to Change a Cabin Air Filter – Toyota Sienna

Step 1: Open the Glove Box

Pull the latch and open the glove box as you normally would.

Step 2: Disconnect the Damper Arm

Locate the damper arm on the right side of the glovebox. Pull the damper are ‘out,’ away from the knob that it is attached to. If it is stubborn, squeeze the 2 tabs on the knob together while pulling the arm off.

Step 3: Remove the Glovebox

Press inward on both sides of the glovebox simultaneously while gently pulling the glovebox outward and down.

Lift up on the glovebox to unhook the hinges, and set it aside or on the floor.

Step 4: Remove the Air Filter Tray

Press the tabs on the sides of the white filter tray to release it, then pull it out.

Step 5: Remove Old Filter

Pull the old filter out of the plastic tray.

Step 6: Insert New Filter

Unwrap your new cabin air filter.

Identify the direction of airflow, the arrows should point in the same direction as those on the filter tray.

The airflow direction through the cabin air filter on a Toyota Sienna is from bottom to top, so the arrows on the cabin air filter should point UP.

Put the new filter into the filter tray.

Step 7: Re-insert the Filter Tray

Put the filter tray back into the slot and push it in until the tabs click into place.

Step 8: Put the Glove Box Back On

Put the glove-box back on by hooking the bottom hooks over the pivot points.

Then push the glovebox up and into position. The sides will flex slightly as it pops back into place.

Step 9: Reconnect the damper arm.

To reconnect the damper arm, simply press it back onto the knob. It will snap into place.

Close the glovebox.

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

Sienna Cabin Air Filter Part Numbers:

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