I was looking under the dashboard the other day on my 2002 Lexus and found a mystery knob. What is it for?

In this post, I describe my surprise when I found a knob that had been there all along, and I had no idea what it did! I’ll go through where it is, what it does, and how to adjust it.

Mystery Knob – Lexus

Alright, I was sitting in my 2002 Lexus es300 the other day.

2002 Lexus ES300 Interior

Underneath the dashboard by my right knee, I found a knob…

Location of the Mystery Knob

It looks like a black dial under the dash.

Mystery Knob

Turning the knob appears to have no effect…

Turning the Under-Dash Knob

After doing a little bit of research, I came to find out that the purpose of this knob is very simple. It is a volume knob.

A volume knob to adjust the loudness of the “Beep” when you press the door lock on the key FOB!


So now we know! Turn the knob all the way to the left, no beep when you lock or unlock the car using the FOB. Turn the knob all the way to the right, and you hear a loud beep. Put the knob somewhere in the middle to hear a moderately loud beep.

I think it is funny that this is the location that the Toyota engineers decided was the best place for this adjustment! But I guess if you think about it, where else could it go? The glovebox, I guess would have been a natural choice, or perhaps an internal menu on the radio? Too complicated.

I don’t know, where would you have put this knob if it were up to you? Let us know in the comments.

Did you know there is a secret knob underneath the dashboard on your Lexus? You've probably already found it. What does it do?!? The purpose of the knob is to...
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