Have you gotten the dreaded p0456 error code on your Dodge Journey, Ram or Caravan? Don’t despair! There is a simple fix for this irritating problem causing a check engine light.

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The p0456 is one of the most common check engine light (CEL) codes and refers to a small leak in the Evaporation Emission Control System.

Over 90% of the time the solution that fixes the problem is to replace the Dodge gas cap! As they age, the rubber seal between the gas cap and the fuel filler neck can begin to deteriorate and is no longer able to hold the proper suction required by the fuel system.

Gas caps on modern vehicles typically last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. For this reason, it is not uncommon for the gas cap to lose its seal over time and require replacement.

It is not uncommon for the p0456 code to be accompanied by the p0420 code as well. Replace the gas cap and reset the codes using your ODB2 code reader. Or, drive 100 miles and the check engine light will reset on its own, if the problem has been resolved.


The link below is to the replacement part on Amazon. The part number is included as well, in case you want to look for it somewhere else:

Dodge Gas Cap Replacement (part# 5278632AG)

P0456 Simple Fix Gas Cap Dodge Journey

Other, less typical causes of the p0456 error code can include a small leak elsewhere in the fuel system, including the filler tube, the purge valve, the system hose, as well as the various gaskets within the system.

A larger air leak in the system will usually throw a different code, for example the p0455.

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