These haiku try to capture the nature of what it is like being a mechanic! Leave your best mechanic haiku in the comments section!

What is Haiku?

A haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of three lines. The first and last consisting of five syllables, and the second consisting of seven syllables.

Mechanic Haiku

Underneath the hood,
Grease and gears, my hands at work,
Engines come alive. 
Underneath the hood
A rat's nest of wires,
Inverted under the dash.
Head throbs, where's the short?
As I turn the wrench, 
an orchestra of metal 
sings a symphony.
Removing the baffle with a 12mm wrench to access the 02 sensor on a toyota corolla
Empowerment gleams 
Feeling steely engines purr 
Strength in every bolt. 
Anti-seize on the mounting bolts.
Underneath my hands,
worn tools, and a steady beat,
Tuning my engines.
mechanic checking the oil in a car engine