All the different marketing prefixes for the Lexus product line can be a bit confusing at times!

I wanted to make a post that simply lists out what all the prefixes mean, and what they stand for.

The labels ES, GS, SC, GX, IS, LC, LS, LX, NX, RC, RX, UX, and CT that are used by Lexus to designate different models of vehicles, generally refer to the type or class of vehicle that each model belongs to.

These types of labels are used by many automobile manufacturers to differentiate between different types of vehicles, and the features and equipment included in each model can vary significantly.

Lexus Prefix Dictionary

CT – Creative Touring – a compact hybrid hatchback that was produced by Lexus until 2017.

ES – Executive Sedan – a luxury mid-size sedan.

GS – Grand Sedan – a luxury mid-size sedan.

GX – Grand Crossover- a mid-size luxury SUV.

IS – Innovative Sedan (US), Intelligent Sports (UK) – (Targeted at Younger Customers) – a compact luxury sedan.

LC – Luxury Coupe (Luxury, Sporty) – a luxury grand tourer coupe.

LS – Luxury Sedan (4-door) – a full-size luxury sedan.

LX – Luxury Crossover – a full-size luxury SUV.

NX – Nimble Crossover – a compact luxury SUV (Basically a Station Wagon).

RC – Radical Coupe – a compact luxury coupe (2-door Hybrid).

RX – Radiant Crossover – a mid-size luxury SUV (Bright/New SUV).

SC – Sports Coupe – a luxury grand tourer coupe that was produced by Lexus until 2010.

UX – Urban Crossover (or Explorer) – a compact luxury crossover SUV (Compact Luxury Crossover).

Which Lexus Costs the Most?

As for which models are the most expensive, it’s worth noting that the pricing of different Lexus models can vary significantly depending on the specific features and equipment included in each model, as well as the market in which it is sold.

Some of the more expensive models in the Lexus lineup include the LS, LC, and LS Hybrid, which are all high-end luxury sedans.

The LX and GX are also generally more expensive than some of the other models in the Lexus lineup, as they are both full-size luxury SUVs.

Lexus Letter Definitions

C – Coupe

D – Diesel

F – Flagship

H – Hybrid

L – Long wheelbase


T – Touring

T – Turbo

X – Crossover (SUV)

Your Favorite?

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