Checking your tires’ air pressure and keeping them in the optimal range is very important for the safety of you and your occupants, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep on top of it.

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That’s why I love this tire inflator that stays connected to the valve stem, simultaneously fills the tire and tells you the air pressure. No more messing around with one of those stick gauges with the plastic tab…

Keep a small air compressor in the corner of your garage and attach this tire inflator with pressure gauge, and you will be all set.

The tire inflator kit consists of the tire inflator with gauge, valve stem remover, teflon tape, and some instructions.

Tire inflator with gauge

I like the analog gauge myself. Don’t have to worry about some batteries going out on you, or needing to be replaced, or corroding inside while not in use! The good ol’ fashioned way works just fine.

Also, the gauge is surrounded by a protective rubber sleeve that makes it look like a tire – nice to have in case of drops…

The valve stem connector has a quick-connect lever you squeeze while pressing it onto the threads. This works pretty well.

The body of the unit is made out of cast metal so it feels solid in your hands. The air-release button is made out of brass.

I use it with this 6-gal pancake air compressor. They make a good combo. Keep this setup in the corner of your garage, and you are always ready to inflate basketballs, bike tires, car tires, whatever you need.

The gauge on this unit shows the tank pressure as well as the regulated pressure, which you can set differently from the tank pressure using the dial on the front.

Here is the tire inflator attached to the air compressor.

Attaching the quick-connect to the valve stem on the tire of my Honda Accord.

Press it on, then release the silver lever; it stays put while you inflate.

Initially I had 20 psi in the tire. 

Tire pressure inflator with gauge

Squeeze the trigger to inflate…

Release the trigger to take a reading. If you over-inflated, press the brass ‘air release’ button to release air from the system. 

This method works so sweet!

Oh yeah, and the dial also glows in the dark…

Long story, short, I use and recommend this Gerchway tire inflator with pressure gauge. It works very well and is super handy and certainly beats the “Press and Hold” style of inflators and separate air measurement stick…!

If you need a pancake air compressor (6-gal), I use this Bostitch air-compressor, and it has worked very well for me.

Features and Benefits

I’m going to list the benefits of this tire inflator with pressure gauge.

  • You connect the Inflator to the valve stem only once for the whole process
  • The chuck connector fixes nicely to the valve stem, holds itself on to the valve stem without falling off every time you use it
  • You pull the trigger to inflate, release the trigger to view the pressure reading
  • It’s accurate and easy to read. Pressure reading is accurate to within 2%
  • The dial is analog (no batteries required), large, and glows in the dark
  • The inflator has a release button as well in case you overfill
  • Inflator feels high quality and robust

I haven’t found anything I dislike about this tire inflator yet. If you are in the market for one, I recommend this unit.